Hello from Ohio. My name is Alex, in sort of seasoned. Believe it or not vaping has kept me sober, I'm a recovering alcoholic addict. Any one in the rooms?? I've come along way, I have been using vaping as a hobby to keep me busy. I've been frequenting these forums for over a year […]

newbie here how are you all doing? excited for friday? hehe just wanted to say hi, still looking for my way around this forum

Hello, Everyone at Ecf. I'm new to the whole online e-cifarette forums community, but I came here today from another forums page searching help on Is it legal as a Non-Vendor/Non-Tabacco shop to sell a E-Cigarette to a minor. It's an open discussion there's no wrong answers here. I know as a shop or a […]

Hi everyone I'm a new member I been vaping for 3 years now. Great way to quit the stinkies! I love mods and trying to collect different ones. I'm 45 and live in Illinois originally from Vermont. Born and raised there. Hope everyone is having a great day!

New to the forum. New to vaping. Quitting the habit of smoking after way too many years of doing so. Put down the cancer sticks almost 5 weeks ago and started vaping. I will admit that I have taken a few drags off of cigarettes but have not smoked an entire cigarette since I started […]

Hi all Just to introduce myself I am dutty mech builder. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I am a two year vaper. Started with some ego sticks, saw people blowing clouds and subsequently went on a mission to improve my vape. I went through a few regulated mods, tanks and drippers and then discovered my […]

i know how to get the ply but when I frame my stable do I stack it to where it frames the flat part of the ribbon wire or on its side. How can I explain it. Do the frames touch the .1stacks of the wires or the .5 parts of the wire. Cause if […]


Hi, I’m from the UK and started vaping in Apr this year. I’ve already dipped my toes into DIY mixing and will be browsing a little bit more for advice on that next juice or mod to try out!

I have toyed with MTL vaping for several years, but never quit analogs. I have a hiatal hernia and was diagnosed, yesterday, with severe acid reflux. Made major lifestyle changes, including an acid reflux diet, but have to quit smoking. I've vaped 50/50 vg/pg, 12 mg nic and blueberry or coffee flavors from Mt Baker […]

ok so I figured out that the maceo shots of the wire stretch don’t do any justice you pretty much have to stretch it out so far that you’d think how in the heck could anybody clapton anything with that stretch so far. But I’ve tried stretching the whole thing at once which gets caught […]