I've recently bought the pharaoh rda and can not get the wicking right at all, any tips or tricks would be a great help!!

Got a small shesha pen and my coil is tasting slightly burnt, I’ll be able to get a new coil tomorrow but is their any health effects of smoking a burnt coil?

Hello everyone, I’m new here and have a question I hope someone can answer for me. I just purchased a Sigelei z Kaos 200 mod 3 days ago; its misfired about 4-5 different times already….did I purchase a faulty unit and should I try to return it?

Hi, I’m lillybet. I’ve read on this site for awhile. I signed up, and hoping to get answers from you all. You seem to steer people in the right direction. Thank you for allowing me to follow.

Hello fellow vapers! I'm new here and also new to vaping, so please forgive me for not being on spec with the terminology As a newby, I've been introduced to vaping with the Joytech Penguin, using 0.6ohm coils. I've had some problems with leakage which seem to be rectified now (operator error) and 70-30 juice […]

Hi everyone. I'm Can ,more than 1 yr use ecig.

Hi, I'm 19 this year currently studying mechanical engineering on college based in Singapore and I hope I can make some online friends here despite HSA is catching up on this site. But that doesn't stop me being a vaper, as it really beneficial to my health that able me to stop smoking helping on […]

Hi everyone, my name is Heri and I'm new at this forum, just a newbie want to look some information and experience, really appreciated all the help I can get.. I really need help at battery issue, currently I'm using dual battery LG HG2, fired at 80 watt on my Icon rda ( dual coil […]

i set the ohms to .225 and the watts to 40 as instructed by the manual yet when i hit it it bumps up to .4 + and makes the coil burn.

Looking forward to know more on this Forum thanks!