Got a quick question about steeping Allot of people give there <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>juice a steep bath, think around an hour most people do. Why is this only an hour if it speeds the steep time? After this step people put them in a dark dust free place I have a temprature regulated waterbed. […]

Hello guys, Lately ive bought 20 aromas, all TFA -Marshmallow -whipped cream -bavarian cream – vanilla swirl – mango -cantaloupe – Cheese cake graham crust – strawbery(ripe) -papaya -dragonfruit belgian waffle -blueberry candy – pear candy – watermelon candy – butterscotch – pancake – mocha -toasted almond -sweet strawberry (capella) – pear (cloudhouse) Now ive […]

Hey guys, I'm new to all this. I got a eVic VTC mini and it came with a eGo One Mega <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>tank and I tried both Ni 0.2 ohm coils and Ti 0.4ohm coils and I really prefer the power only coils because I find them less complicated. So I put my […]

Hi! Joined up because with recent bankruptcy of <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Njoy – I may have to learn an alternative. I know that Cigalikes are not "serious" vaping – But I used Njoy Menthol Cigalikes for 3 years to get me off of smoking. I was very happy with my brand and my method. (I […]

Hey guys, i recently bought the target mini kit and i'm confused about a couple of things. First of all i received an extra 0.6 ohm coil for MTL but vaporesso's website states that it comes with an extra 1.4 ohm coil. (I checked the authenticity code and it is GENUINE). Second, when i first […]

looking at coolfire iv from innokin Maximum output Current:26.5A what's this about? that seems scarily high to put in my face? also looking at joyetech evic vtwo 5000mah can't find the maximum output current listed anywhere is it relevant to list it? i keep seeing things about making sure you have the right volts too, […]

I just upgraded to a kanger nano and am having issues with it. Every time I vape I get liquid in my mouth and there is liquid leaking out of the airflow holes. I've taken it all apart and tightened everything, changed the coil, and blown through the tip to get the excess liquid out […]

Hi fellow vapers I am a newbie and have just switched from cigarettes to an evod I wish I had done this years ago don't think I will ever revert back

Long time lurker first time poster! Thanks to everyone's help. Cig free for 5+ years!

Just bought a new egrip 2, the store I bought it from couldn't answer this question so I hope someone can possibly provide me with a link to what I'm looking to buy. ·I need a coil that is compatible with the temperature control with this device ·I'm trying to find a coil that can […]